Honour ٠ Accept ٠ Release ٠ Trust




I have incorporated the essence of the HART process into my other work.

In tandem with the one-to-one support I offer through the HART process, I facilitate groups for people in the same stage of life. Together we provide space for each member of the group to explore the personal impacts that this shared milestone presents.

As an Independent Celebrant, I offer stand-alone ceremonies to help commemorate the important milestones in our lives. Each ceremony is personally tailored to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, I am undertaking a PhD to better understand the impact and value of ceremony and ritual.

See below for details.


For thousands of years, across many traditional societies, elders have been initiating the young as they transition from child to adult. This is something that we have all but lost in the UK. It is time to reclaim this important rite of passage and support our teens to feel ready for adult life.

Working as a Rites for Girls Accredited Facilitator, I offer:

  • Girls Journeying Together: a year-long programme for girls aged 10-12 years to come together monthly in small groups, we explore all the various facets of growing up – physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Girls’ Net: a six-week online programme designed to age-appropriately provide space for girls to share their thoughts and feelings – for girls 8-18yrs in small groups the same age.



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In addition to writing and officiating ceremonies – as an Independent Celebrant – I offer a Ceremonial Support service to those wishing to create simple, at-home ceremonies to conduct for themselves or their loved ones. This could extend to any significant milestone or rite of passage; the only limit is your imagination.

Ceremonial Support takes the form of a telephone, online or in-person consultation where we discuss the milestone and put together some ideas on how it could be commemorated in a way that suits all those involved. I offer guidance and inspiration from my experience creating and conducting ceremonies, both professionally and in my personal life.


Two-hour Consultation: £150




From time to time, I host one-day and residential retreats which offer dedicated and nurturing time to build confidence and community with peers.

Each retreat is designed to give holistic support to empower you to rise above the label the milestone brings with it, for example “childless”, “menopausal”, “ill”. We will meet in a country house hotel and, together, create a safe environment where you can honour your story and come to accept its impact on your life. You will find the tools to release limiting beliefs and trust that you can live your best life




As a post graduate researcher with the Transformative Change: Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT) Research Centre at Dundee University, I am seeking to understand the impact and value of marking the many milestones we experience with ceremony and ritual. My focus – at least for the duration of my PhD – are the many transitions that present themselves during the menstrual lifecycle, from menarche (first period) to menopause.

My work is informed by the Multiple and Multi-dimensional Transitions (MMT) theory as set out by Professor Divya Jindal-Snape (2016) which acknowledges that we each encounter more than one transition at any one time and we experience these in relationship with others who are, in turn, living through their own transitions.