Honour ٠ Accept ٠ Release ٠ Trust




If we haven’t already met, let me introduce myself.

 My name is Karen Abi-Karam and I am here to offer you open, friendly and empowering support for whichever of life’s crossroads you find yourself at right now. Welcome to my digital home! In the real world, I live on the edge of the beautiful Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, England.


I offer many types of support for many situations. However, there is a common thread that unites all my work...

Having navigated my own succession of major milestones, and building on 20 years of holistic training and practise, I have developed the four-step HART process – Honour, Accept, Release, Trust – to help work through the overwhelming emotions, physical changes and long-held beliefs that often present themselves during a major shift in our lives.

When we are faced with the demanding reality of change, even if it is an expected and joyous event, we have an important decision to make: “will I choose to accept this as an opportunity for learning, growth and fulfilling my potential?”

In my experience, stepping boldly into the uncertainty of change requires courage. Emerging stronger and more at peace with ourselves is considerably easier with help from others. The support I offer you – with HART – is designed to give you this help in a holistic and bespoke way.

And if you are looking to commemorate an important milestone, I offer Ceremonies with HART as part of my 1-2-1 support, online and retreat programmes – and as standalone service.

Please feel free to take a look at a summary of how the HART process can help and review the HART Checklist to get a feel for whether 1-2-1 mentoring is for you. You can also browse for an overview of the menopause support, ceremonies and other services I offer, as well as read more about my story and what led me to create HART.

At any point, if you’d like more information or would like to arrange an initial consultation, you can get in touch directly by email or phone.

Thank you for your time and interest; I look forward to supporting you soon.

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Although the milestone you are tackling may well be common to others, your personal experience of it is entirely unique to you. That is why your programme – with HART – will be designed for you and in partnership with you.



The HART process takes you on a guided journey – or modern rite of passage – to Honour, Accept, Release and Trust in the transition you find yourself travelling through. Although structured, it remains flexible enough to allow time to explore the unique facets of your personal situation.



The work we do together will support you as a whole person. It will provide therapeutic care to nurture your body (physical, emotional and energetic), practical ideas to reassure your mind and ceremonial gestures to nourish your spirit.