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Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?

– Rumi

We stand on many thresholds of change throughout our lives – from puberty to menopause; from welcoming new life into the world to saying farewell to a loved one; from starting our first job to retiring from our last. As well as these ‘life stage’ moments, we might also experience tumultuous and life altering endings such as divorce or realising that we won’t have the children we always longed for and equally dramatic beginnings such as embarking on a new career or starting a business.

Stepping towards any of these milestones deserves to be recognised for all the joy, anticipation and uncertainty it brings. Making a change is a daunting task and one that should be honoured and prepared for with love and patience. As you make the journey there are many opinions voiced and choices to be made.

Working with HART, and with me as your witness and guide, you will find your own voice and be empowered to make your own decisions as you move forward. I call this Milestone Mentoring and the following will give you an idea of the process and how it works, along with my guiding principles.


HART is the four-step process which I invite my clients to follow…and regularly embrace myself.

HART Holistic Support quote

The HART process has helped me develop ways to deal with old and new experiences using my own knowledge and self-awareness. Karen asked the right questions to lead me forward in the right way for me. I have been better able to view options and find very meaningful solutions.

– Smiya

The HART process asks us to Honour, Accept, Release and Trust in the milestone we are facing. We do this by acknowledging where we are right now, the journey we have made to get here and the path ahead of us.

Each stage of the process combines to enable us to navigate our emotions, physical challenges and long-held beliefs. We also recognise our assets, passions and inspirations so that we may emerge stronger, more balanced and ready to move steadily forward.

Take a look below for an overview of the four stages of the HART process.

Hart Holistic Support Philsopy HONOUR


We begin by setting the intention to HONOUR ourselves, the current situation and all those involved, (either directly or indirectly).

By respecting this as a time of transition we lay foundations that will help us navigate the path ahead. This is a time to acknowledge our current position as an important milestone in our lives – whether we have chosen it or not; whether it feels comfortable for us or not.

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Once we have made our intentions clear – be that publicly or privately – we begin to ACCEPT that the change we are experiencing is in our best interest, (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now). We ask ourselves to believe that we have the capacity to learn from this transitional time and to grow stronger from it.

By stepping boldly into the transition, and all it brings with it, we can stand bravely in the face of the uncertainty, ready to courageously embrace the change. We live it and feel everything it brings and work through it, one day at a time.

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The strength that comes from this acceptance enables us to RELEASE any old fears, expectations or beliefs that we carry – “it has to be perfect”, “I can’t do it alone”, “I don’t want things to change”. This allows us to focus on the present moment, and find solace from it. It also makes space for us to welcome new ideas and celebrate new possibilities.

By outwardly naming any limiting factors we begin to minimise their impact. We also give ourselves the chance to replace them with more motivating and supportive ideas that we build on for the future.

Hart Holistic Support Philosophy Trust pathway


The final step to following our HART is to make a commitment to TRUST that whatever the future holds will be in our best interest in the long run. This does require a leap of faith as the future is unknown. However, if we can hold on to the belief that everything happens for a reason, we are more than half way there.

By taking time to pause and appreciate we can see just how far we have come in our lives, already. This is also a time to gather with those who have supported us on our journey; to thank them and ask for whatever help we need moving forward.


This is a holistic process so its benefits are intended to nurture you in body, mind and spirit.


As a holistic therapist, birth doula and independent celebrant I can draw upon a host of different techniques to help you achieve this.

After an initial Milestone Meeting, and in recognition that everyone’s process is unique, we will settle on a length of time to work together for your HART journey.

The time we spend on each stage of the process will be unique to your individual circumstances.

Your personal programme may consist of any or all of the following, depending on your particular needs and preferences.

There may be certain aspects of the work we do together – or as part of your personal work between sessions – that feels more in-depth or challenging than others. Some may be more reflective and others more dynamic. You can rest assured that every step along the path will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

All programmes will culminate with a Milestone Ceremony – be that a private event, just for you, or something that includes family and friends, or those at a similar life-stage to you.

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We will recognise the body’s complex reactions to the demands we place upon it. As a result, we may use a blend of emotional, physical and energetic techniques. These will create a framework which to enable you to reflect, replenish and re-engage.

Techniques include: Emotional Transformation (EMO & EEFT/Tapping), Reiki, Holistic Massage and Meditation.


We will acknowledge the desire for self-development that brought you to seek support at this time. Therefore, we may employ any number of practical and cognitive exercises to help you move steadily forward.

Techniques include: Mind Maps, Timelines, Influence Wheels and Prioritisation Lists.


To fully acknowledge the transition, we may call upon some traditional or more modern, ceremonial observances. These will help bring a sense of spiritual awareness to the work you are doing together.

Techniques include: Mantras & Affirmations, Symbolic Gestures (e.g. fire pit, candles, mandalas) and Ceremonies.


As a holistically trained therapist, I work with intention and integrity to support the inherent strength and courage held within each of us. There are four principles, (which I was introduced to many years ago)*, that I aim to bring to everything I do. They are:

Hart Holistic Support Being Present Approach


This is about focusing on the here and now, without worrying about what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future. This allows us to remain in the moment, without being distracted by ‘if’s, ‘but’s and ‘maybe’s.

HART Holistic support tree heart branches


By cutting through someone’s tone of voice, their turn of phrase and our own visceral response patterns we can hear what is really important and find the real story behind the words. When we listen in this way there can be no misunderstandings.

HART Holistic support flower growth


This means saying how we feel, honestly, openly and always with compassion for ourselves and others. When we are courageous enough to speak our truth we encourage others to speak theirs and true communication can begin.

HART Holistic support light trees rays sun


By remaining open to all possibilities and not attached to any specific one we give ourselves and others permission to change and grow and flourish. The future is unknown so holding on to any particular outcome is impossible.

* These principles were introduced to me by one of my mentors, Anja Saunders, who adapted them from the teachings of ‘The Four Fold Way’, which itself was the distillation of thousands of years’ worth of indigenous wisdom undertaken by the late Angeles Arrien. To both these women, and the ancestors, I am forever grateful.


The following statements cover some of the reasons why people are drawn to the kind of work we do during the HART process.

I invite you to sit quietly, take a deep breath and take a look at the statements, ticking as many as resonate with you. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just good to connect with how you are feeling about where you find yourself right now. Download checklist.

  • I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life, or career, but I’m not sure which path to take.
  • I have just become, or am about to become, a parent and I want to raise my family with more awareness.
  • I feel overwhelmed by the decisions I need to make and I’m not sure where to go for help.
  • I am about to, or have recently, retired and I would like to continue feeling useful to society.
  • I want things to be different but I have been reluctant to make changes.
  • I have just heard that my role has been made redundant and I would like some clarity about my next step.
  • I don’t feel connected to the people around me. I often feel like I’m the only one in this situation.
  • I am coming up to a milestone birthday and I want to make some changes in my life.
  • I know there is another way to tackle this situation but I don’t know how to access it.
  • My relationship is ending, or I am recently divorced, and I would like to find some closure.
  • I would like to understand how my future can acknowledge my past…without being defined by it.
  • I am approaching menopause and would like to embark upon the aging process, on my own terms.
  • I want to expand the possibilities in my life but I feel as though something is holding me back.
  • I have a growing family whose needs are changing. I’d like to find new ways of supporting them.
  • I want to recognise and commemorate this as an important phase in my life.
  • I am about to get married and I would like to take this opportunity to redefine how I approach relationships.
  • I have just lost a loved one and would like to build a stronger future for myself.
  • I’ve read self-help books, taken courses and tried different therapies but I feel like I need support that is more personalised to me.
  • I am willing to do what it takes to stand taller, feel calmer and be more connected with myself and others.

Well done, you’ve taken your first step. You have begun to acknowledge the milestone you are working through and how you would like to tackle it.

If you have ticked one or more of the statements, the HART process may, very well, be the right approach for you. Get in touch and let’s set up some time to talk about taking the next positive step forwards.


ONLINE: Availability subject to time zones

IN PERSON: UK, Mid-Sussex and surrounding areas, including London.

Bespoke 1-2-1 packages designed after Setting the Intention session, includes:

  • face-to-face therapeutic time (online or in person)
  • guided home study
  • regular online check-ins


  • Milestone Ceremony
  • commemorative certificate

Price agreed during Setting the Intention session (payment options available). Duration typically three months, six months or twelve months.*

*This is an investment in your past, present and future and may not suit everyone, not least due to the time and financial commitments required. To see whether the HART Process is for you take a look at the HART Checklist or get in touch for a chat.

Availability subject to requirements and agreed as part of package.


I am inspired by the fact that the HART, the word for Stag in Old English, is thought by many cultures to symbolise a pivotal life change or new beginning, when it allows itself to be seen by humans. With antlers that grow in Spring and are shed in Autumn it might be seen as a talisman for the ongoing change we experience in our own lives. Believed to be the protector of the forest in which it lives, for me (also a resident of the forest), the HART is a powerful metaphor for the strength, calm and intuitive wisdom that we each hold within us.