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Amidst the rush of worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings

– Lao Tzu

The mainstream media, medical professions and many well-known women would have us believe that the menopause is a disease of the body and mind. Certainly, it is true that many of us at this stage of life have a lot to contend with BUT what if there is more to the story…?!

What if the menopause is actually an opportunity to learn something about ourselves on an emotional, intellectual, physical and even spiritual level? What if it allows us to break old patterns and evolve the way we respond to challenging situations that may arise? What if there is the possibility of feeling stronger, calmer and more connected with ourselves and others as we feel our way through the menopause? What if we have the right to rise above any limiting ‘labels’ placed upon us by ourselves and our communities to create the life we want to live? What if we could change the narrative?

My approach to supporting the menopause draws equally from a 20-year career as a holistic therapist, specialising in energy release and emotional transformation; creating ceremony to mark rites of passage and other important life events and my academic research into how we support our menstrual milestones. It is equally informed by my time as a group facilitator, corporate consultant and my own experience of menopause.


We’ll work together using my proven HART Process to help cut through any overwhelm and piece together the next phase of life as you want to live it.

HART Holistic Support quote

I was given strategies to cope with transition periods and to take control so I can ask and receive the happiness I deserve.

– Dawn

It’s not uncommon to be faced with many decisions as you prepare for and experience your menopause. There are many answers to each question, many opinions available and many possible paths to take.

I offer you a safe space within which to explore what you think and how you feel about whatever is coming up. Without bias or judgement, I will listen to you fully so that you may gain more clarity, courage and conviction to stand by your instincts…feeling confident to ask for more help should you require it.

Everyone deserves to have an Empowered Menopause: feeling comfortable and confident to live and work through the changes, having transformed your emotions, knowing there is more to the transition than any symptoms that may present themselves so you can live the next chapter of your life as you would wish it for yourself.


There will be time to share experiences and collaborate on practical steps towards rewriting the narrative and better supporting those experiencing menopause in the workplace.

HART Holistic Support quote

I came away with tools to further help me. Thank you for the support you provided.

– Sam

Each workshop includes a mixture of personal reflection and group work to help consider what might better serve those experiencing menopause and the organisation in which they work.

Workshop 1 offers an interactive opportunity to seek different perspectives on the context and discourse surrounding menopause. Participants will be invited to question the status quo whilst providing those experiencing menopause and their allies with dedicated time to start rewriting the narrative for themselves and their organisation.

Workshop 2 acts as a follow-up to give those experiencing the menopause time with their peers to explore how it is to be working whilst living through this transition. Time will be spent sharing stories and creating clear personal strategies for both professional and personal life.

Bespoke Options Whether it’s a series of lunchtime discussions, focused roundtable for senior leadership or a package of 1-2-1 sessions for individuals, I will work with you to create a programme to best suit your organisation.