Menopause in the Workplace: Rewriting the Narrative

Pre-Attendance Questionnaire

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If you haven’t already, please read/watch the material I sent by email – below for ease (this should take about 25mins) – then complete the anonymous questionnaire, by clicking on the box below.

Once again, it is important to say that your participation in this workshop does not require you to have any personal experience of menopause and, rest assured – for those who do – no-one will be asked to share anything private. The session will include a mixture of personal reflection and group work to help consider what might better serve those experiencing menopause and your work together.

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Pre-Attendance Questionnaire - Menopause in the Workplace
How do you feel about the menopause? Select as many as apply.
How often do you find yourself thinking about the menopause during your working day?
Thinking about your previous answer, how well do you feel these were covered in the pre-workshop material?
Do you consider yourself to be (peri)menopausal?

(as per email)

Huffington Post (2023) : 1min read

Davina McCall on Loose Women (2021) : 11min watch time

People magazine article about Oprah Winfrey (2023) : 1min read

The Guardian (2023) : 3min read

The Observer (2022) : 2min read

Channel 5 (2023) : 5min watch time

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