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Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?

– Rumi

When we are faced with the busy and often overwhelming reality of change, even if it is planned and joyous change, we may wish to find some quiet time to reflect and replenish our energy. Giving ourselves permission to retreat a little can be just the tonic to help clear the mind, strengthen the body and recharge the spirits for the next part of the journey.

Using a blend of Emotional Transformation, Holistic Massage and Reiki, Holistic Therapy can help leave you feeling calm, balanced and renewed…in mind, body and spirit. Every treatment is personally tailored and will be led by your specific needs on that particular day, at that particular time.

Whether you are looking for an hour to yourself or a regular place of solace, please get in touch to discuss your needs with a free, no obligation consultation.


HART Holistic Support Emotional Transformation meditate
HART Holistic Support Emotional Transformation heart condensation glass

A relatively new therapy, Emotional Transformation works on the premise that all emotions are simply energy which may be in need of release.


I found Emotional Transformation to be very healing and I was able to shift emotional blocks even with one session. I came away with tools to further help me. Thank you for the support you provided.

– Samyah

Sometimes referred to as EMO or EmoTrance, Emotional Transformation works on all emotions including guilt, fear, grief and stress (amongst many others) as they are all, quite simply a build up of energy.

By allowing any blocked energy to flow freely through us and giving it permission to ‘leave’ us we can overcome even the most intense situations.

This is a ‘talking therapy’ and the work is done by focussing on where in your body you feel your emotional pain. Working with me, as your therapist, you transform this emotional blockage, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and positive and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.




HART Holistic support Reiki
HART Holistic Support Reiki

Working on an energetic level, Reiki is particularly helpful at balancing our emotions and energy.


Karen, your treatments are truly holistic, you touch the very core of me in a very loving, caring and gentle way. Afterwards I feel as new on the inside as the outside.

– Caroline

Although it is a very gentle form of therapy Reiki can have profound effects, leaving us feeling more balanced, peaceful and energised.

Originating in Japan, the name Reiki means universal life-force energy and works with hands ‘simply’ placed on or over the body’s energy centres to help improve the flow of this energy.




HART Holistic Support Massage feet hands
HART Holistic Support Massage relax

Holistic Massage helps us get ‘out of our heads’ and ‘into our bodies’.


Your warm and friendly approach instantly puts me at ease, you create a very calming and relaxing atmosphere so I can’t help but feel better the moment you walk through the door.

– Anna

By helping to bring our awareness to the body, massage can help quieten the mind to leave us feeling calmer, offer us clarity and even give us the strength to make major life decisions.

Of course, on a very physical level, holistic massage also helps combat muscle fatigue and relieve muscular tension which is often where stress and anxiety can build up in the body.