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For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Kahlil Gibran

As well as commemorating the big events in our lives, it is important to honour the mini milestones we encounter over the course of a year. All too often, in our secular lives, we miss the chance to acknowledge and celebrate the passing of time and the cycle of the seasons.

I am offering the opportunity to join a community of like-minded people who wish to mark these transitions with simple but heartfelt ceremonial observation. We do not need to be religious, or even spiritual, to come together in shared reflection and quiet contemplation.

We will spend time together (online) each month to honour the weeks just passed and set our intentions for those to come, led by me as an Independent Celebrant and Milestone Mentor. Over the course of the year we will have the opportunity to build connections through our shared experience.


Taking Your Place Retreat Hart Holistic Support Karen Abi-Karam

This is an annual membership; we gather monthly online with the opportunity to share ideas, build connections and gather support in between.

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Karen's kind and bespoke ceremony brought us together. She gently created a healing space for all of us to share in our own way.

– Sam

On the first Friday of each month you will be invited to join a 1hr live ceremony (online via Zoom) during which I will lead us in quiet contemplation to:

  • Take time to pause
  • Honour the month that has just passed
  • Set our intentions for the month ahead (these will be set privately, not shared)

Throughout the month there will be space to share your thoughts and ideas with the community in a private online forum on Facebook. A recording of the ceremony will be uploaded should you be unable to join us live. Note: Confidentiality will be maintained as nothing private will be shared. Participants may choose to turn off their cameras so they are not featured in the recording.

In addition, on the third Thursday of each month, depending on the membership strand you select, you will have the opportunity to join a 2hr live community circle (online via Zoom) during which we will:

  • Share our experiences
  • Explore the personal intentions set during that month’s ceremony
  • Offer support to one another

The community circle will be a ‘live only’ session to maintain confidentiality as sharing will be invited.


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There are three strands of membership to support you mind, body and spirit.

HART Holistic Support quote

Karen asked the right questions to lead me forward in the right way for me.

– Smiya


  • Invitation to monthly ceremony, online for 1hr
  • Ceremony broadcast live on first Friday of the month
  • Access to playback of broadcast (if unable to join live)
  • Membership of private online forum on Facebook



  • As above


  • Invitation to live monthly community circle, online for 2hrs
  • Circle held on the third Thursday of the month



  • As above


  • Four individually tailored mentoring sessions, one per quarter
  • Sessions held via Zoom or in-person (depending on location, local guidelines)


The following statements sum up some of the reasons you might feel drawn to invest in a membership.

I invite you to sit quietly, take a deep breath and take a look at the statements, ticking as many as resonate with you. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just good to connect with how you are feeling about where you find yourself right now. You might like to do this analogue and have the list printed off in hard copy. You can download it here: Download Checklist.

  • I feel like life runs at about 100mph and I find it hard to slow the pace.
  • I want things to be different but I have been reluctant to make changes.
  • I feel overwhelmed by the amount of change I’m experiencing in my life.
  • I don’t feel connected to the people around me.
  • I often come to the end of the year and wonder where the time has gone.
  • I want to feel the support of a community of like-minded people.
  • I would like to understand how my future can acknowledge my past…without being defined by it.
  • I know there is another way to tackle things but I don’t know where to begin.
  • I want to expand the possibilities in my life but I feel as though something is holding me back.
  • I want to recognise and commemorate important aspects of my life.
  • I am not religious but I feel it is important to acknowledge and celebrate moments in our lives.
  • I am willing to do what it takes to stand taller, feel calmer and be more connected with myself and others.

If you have ticked one or more of the statements, you are likely to enjoy being a member of the HART community.

Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or take a look, below, at the membership options available.



Monthly Ceremony + Online Community


  • £90 per year, if paid in two £45 instalments
    (equivalent to £7.50/mth)


  • £75 per year, if paid in full on booking*
    (equivalent to £6.25/mth)


* Special gift for memberships paid in full.


Monthly Ceremony + Community Circle + Online Community


  • £180 per year, if paid in two £90 instalments
    (equivalent to £15/mth)


  • £150 per year, if paid in full on booking*
    (equivalent to £12.50/mth)


* Special gift for memberships paid in full.


Quarterly Mentoring + Monthly Ceremony + Community Circle + Online Community


  • £300 per year, if paid in four £75 instalments
    (ceremony & circle access, complimentary)


  • £240 per year, if paid in full on booking*
    (ceremony & circle access, complimentary)


* Special gift for memberships paid in full.

BOOKING: Payment for Bronze or Copper Memberships can be made in full on booking or in two equal instalments – first payment on booking and second payment six months later. Payment for Gold Membership can be made in full on booking or in four equal instalments – first payment on booking and three further payments every three months thereafter. Alternative payment plans may be available subject to prior arrangement and any request to be made in writing.
REFUNDS & TRANSFERS: Fees are non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances and any request must be made in writing. It may be possible to transfer your membership to another person but this will be considered on a case by case basis and any request must be made in writing. HART Holistic Support reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the date of a session in the event of low enrolment, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.